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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 41% of all babies are born out-of-wedlock (2009).  This rate has been inching up year after year.  Unfortunately, this also results in more highly-emotional relationship situations between the mother, the alleged father and even their families when it comes time to establish paternity for the child, who is ultimately affected by his or her parents’ reactions and decisions.

When a mother or father inquires about a paternity test, they most commonly state they just want to know the answer, is he or is he not the father; and they want to know quickly.  Urgency is a given – these parents are dealing with so many emotions, ranging from anger to frustration to confusion to trying to decide whether or not they should bond with the baby yet.   Many purchase what is called an “informational paternity test” or “self-collection kit” because it is the cheapest.  Yet, is it the right test?

Here are the most common ways people ultimately use their paternity test results:

  • Seek or deny child support
  • Seek or deny child custody or visitation
  • Seek military, health insurance or social security benefits
  • Add or rescind a father’s name on the child’s birth certificate
  • Adoption

This is the sad part:  Parents buy the cheapest test, because it is what they can afford to answer their question.  Yet, does it?  No.  These test results cannot be used to solve the most common ways people use paternity test results!  In these instances, they must have a legally-admissible test result document – no other option.

It’s tough when you are a parent in this position; however, you have to get past the “I just want to know” and move towards what’s in the best interest of the child; how you and your family will be able to more quickly bond and develop a strong relationship with the baby when you know the answer; and relieving all of those emotions that ultimately show up when there are paternity questions.

If you didn’t have the money before, maybe now is the time.  Many people will be getting their tax refunds this quarter.  Consider investing in your child’s future and your peace of mind.  It is a priority.

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