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Do you think you have a food allergy? If so, are you sure that’s what it is? Some people mistake having food allergies with a food intolerance or sensitivity. Here’s the difference.

An allergy happens when your body creates antibodies to protect itself from something your body sees as harmful. The next time your body comes in contact with that particular something, histamines, which are produced in response to foreign intruders, are released causing allergic reactions.

Intolerances are different because they can vary depending on the situation, while an allergy reacts the same each time. Intolerances are a result of your body’s incapability to process certain substances.

The right lab test will answer your questions and get you on track to ease your symptoms. Check out our Gut Health Profile test. This measures your gut health on the genetic, antibody and cellular levels and will let you know exactly what’s going on inside your body, including Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. To make sure you take the correct test, talk to one of our ANY LAB TEST NOW® medical assistants.

Don’t be deceived by the perception of a food allergy. If you’re not sure, make yourself sure and Take Control of Your Health®.