The upcoming school year seems so full of excitement and promise. Students can’t wait to find out which friends will be in their classes and re-commit themselves to getting top grades this year. Parents are frantically running around making sure that school supplies are purchased and doctor appointments attended. School administrators and teachers patiently prepare lessons and activities.

Yet for all the positive activity, there is a looming reality that some of these students will make poor choices when it comes to alcohol, tobacco or drugs. In fact, 11.3% of students have tried marijuana by the age of 13. So, it’s important for parents, administrators and teachers to be on the lookout for children who may be at risk and to routinely engage in open discussions about the dangers that these substances can cause.

If the time comes when you suspect that a student is using drugs, alcohol or tobacco — or if you’re simply looking for a tangible deterrent to help your student avoid the temptation — turn to Any Lab Test Now for support. We offer a variety of drug tests for teens that can help you determine if the student is using substances and what those might be.


Any Lab Test Now, there’s no reason to worry that samples or personal data will be insecure. Specimens follow strict chain-of-custody protocols, and results are heavily protected throughout the testing process to preserve confidentiality. Individuals maintain complete control over their specimens; unless the results need to be court-admissible, you can even bring your specimen in yourself. Additionally, to maintain our various accreditation’s and certifications, we must regularly report on our efforts to protect client data security and confidentiality. This gives patients and regulatory agencies alike confidence in the safety and accuracy of test results.


No matter what drug, or drugs, you expect to find, you can rest easy knowing Any Lab Test Now has a panel that can uncover it. We have 5-panel, 10-panel and 12-panel tests that look for the most commonly abused drugs, or you can select a customized healthcare or prescription drug testing panel. Within these panels, we can find evidence of recent use of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, nicotine and alcohol. Any Lab Test Now can also do emergency drug testing, in the event you believe a student was unknowingly drugged.


With Any Lab Test Now, you can choose which tier to test at and for which drugs you would like to look. If you just want to know whether a student has recently taken drugs of any kind, a simple drug screen might be the only thing you need. A drug screen is much faster than a full test, but it cannot differentiate between different types of drugs and can only confirm or refute the presence of drugs in someone’s system.

You can also choose the type of test used, depending on how far back you need your results to span. For example, testing urine or saliva will reveal recent use of the drug. If you need to know whether the drug was used in the past three to six months, testing fingernails or hair follicles is the better way to go.

As adults, we understand the impact that using drugs can have. While students may look like adults, they simply aren’t yet. Their brains still haven’t finished developing the centers that manage reasoning and self-control. So, it’s important that we all keep an eye on our teens. Whether you work with them or raise them lovingly, continue to talk about the dangers of illegal substances. And, help them make the right choices by using drug testing as a deterrent.

If the time comes that you do suspect a student of using drugs, reach out to your local Any Lab Test Now for help with teen drug testing.