What’s Your Cellular Age?

JUL newsletter SMALL telomeresAs much as we’d all like to flee from aging, it is inevitable. Just as your car or a favorite clothing item will wear out over time, so too does the human body. Of course, the rate at which aging happens is different for each person and is based on a number of factors such as genetics, diet, exercise and stress.

On a cellular level, however, the rate of aging is measurable. Measurement is possible because of the telomeres that are connected to the end of your cells. Every time cells divide, the length of the telomere becomes shortened. The shorter the telomere is, the more times that particular cell has been copied. Over time, the telomere becomes so short that the cell no longer reproduces and is “retired”. This shortening of the telomere is known as cellular aging.

Through the use of a telomere test, labs are able to measure the length of the telomere in one’s body. This measurement is then compared to the expected length of telomeres in those of a similar age bracket, which helps determine overall cellular age.

While cell division and its subsequent retirement are natural processes, there are ways in which one can slow the process down. Among these are:

  • Minimizing consumption of processed, surgery or fatty foods.
  • Reducing body fat to 22 percent for women and 16 percent for men.
  • Exercising for at least an hour a day.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Quitting smoking and other tobacco consumption.
  • Sleeping eight hours a night.
  • Increasing consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, Omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable protein, cold-water fish and fiber.
  • Evaluating the need for nutritional supplements.

Next time you worry about getting older, consider monitoring the rate at which your cells age. With monitoring, you will be better able to make the lifestyle choices that are necessary to slow cellular aging, and potentially the onset of age-related diseases. Walk-in to Any Lab Test Now to ask for your Telomere Test today.

DNA Testing Explodes In Popularity

Ancestry DNA testing was a huge seller this past Christmas, with more and more people buying into figuring out their most basic life question: who am I? Any Lab Test Now is happy to offer a wide range of DNA testing services, including ancestry, but we take it a step further… providing more information and more detail than any other consumer DNA test available.

Any Lab Test Now offers the GPS Origins Ancestry Test. The GPS Origins test is more than just percentages. It offers a deeper dive into your unique human history. The GPS Origins Ancestry Test will test for your story of human migration, your genetic origin percentages and history, and your ancestral migration routes — all in convenient digital form.

How it all works

For something that provides such complex and detailed information, taking the GPS Origins Ancestry Test is rather simple; all you do is swab your cheek to collect your DNA, return it to us, and we’ll do the rest of the work! You don’t have to fast, and you can rest easy knowing that your information (and your privacy!) will remain confidential, unless you want to share it!

The hunt for your heritage

The science behind the GPS Origins Ancestry Test is what makes it different from other consumer ancestry tests. It’s simply the most advanced autosomal test, and it is so targeted it may even indicate down to the town or village where groups of your ancestors met, building a vibrant picture of the migration journeys that formed your genealogical heritage. Any Lab Test Now uses your DNA sample to test more than 80,000 unique genetic markers. We then cross check that information across dozens of gene pools and more than a thousand reference populations to create a detailed report about where your family originated and how it migrated around the world to where YOU are today.

Your journey of self-discovery

You’ll receive maternal and paternal migration routes and more specific information rather than just broad estimates of ethnicity. GPS Origins even provides detailed stories that might help explain DNA mixture events, such as wars, famines, and migrations. The GPS Origins Ancestry Test can be a great beginning to understanding your family history or help you fill in gaps in existing history.

Get to know your family’s ancestral origins with the GPS Origins Ancestry Test, available at Any Lab Test Now. You don’t have to make an appointment — you can walk in to any one of our convenient locations and ask for the test. A quick visit to your local Any Lab Test Now is your first step in your journey of self-discovery.

A Lab Test As A Christmas Gift? You Bet!

When a lot of people think about getting lab testing, probably the first thing that comes to mind is health. Lab tests are for finding out if something is wrong, right? The answer to that question is a little more complex. Lab tests are for finding out information — and believe it or not, the results can be helpful AND fun.

Here at Any Lab Test Now® we’re thinking specifically about our GPS Origins Test. GPS stands for Geographic Population Structure. Basically, the test can tell you where your ancestors are from. This simple test analyzes over 800,000 autosomal markers from your DNA to pinpoint your origins. It can help identify “when” and “where” your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line that eventually leads to you.

If this sounds like information worth knowing, then consider this: The GPS Origins Test is a great gift worth giving this holiday season. It can help you mark a few folks off your list.

The History Buff

There is a person in almost every family that is the “holder of the history” — the person that knows all the stories about Great-Great-Grandpa Eric. They may already have completed some work on the family tree. Imagine what having this type of information could mean to them. A simple cheek swab turns into a detailed report about where your family originated and how it migrated around the world to where you are today. This test is so advanced it may even indicate the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met. Your family historian will spend hours poring over the detailed results.

The Hard to Shop for Person

Isn’t there always someone on your Christmas gift list that seems impossible to buy for? It’s because they’ve already bought everything they could possibly want or need for themselves! The key here is to think about something they didn’t even realize they needed! That’s the beauty of the GPS Origins Test. One gift can help you answer questions about your family’s history, shed light on the origins of certain family traits, and help you better understand exactly who you are.

The Person You Always Forget — YOURSELF

Why not buy one for yourself? Learn more about your family story. Maybe you’ve always been told your people were Irish, but you have no proof. Now you can separate fact from fiction and bridge gaps in your family’s records. Getting your results will be like curling up with a good book… only the story is about YOU.

It might seem strange to start your holiday shopping at Any Lab Test Now, but we offer dozens of tests that offer useful information that will be helpful for a happier and healthier New Year. Browse through our list — or come into one of our convenient locations and let the experts help you pick something out.

Know Your Origins

Are you especially curious about your family history? Do you find yourself eager to learn more about the origins of your family beyond faded photos and inspiring stories told by relatives? Want a key to the past, unlocking the dust-covered history and creating a deeper connection to your lineage? If so, the GPS Origins™ test offered at Any Lab Test Now locations is the perfect solution for all your ancestry questions.


GPS (Geographic Population Structure) Origins testing takes ancestral mapping to the next level, providing insightful information that dates back 1,000 years. The GPS Origins test provides precise information regarding your human migration pattern as well as your genetic origin percentages. Perhaps your gene pool is heavily populated in Basque country or southern France. Or you may discover significant ties to western Siberia or Fenno-Scandinavia.

The GPS Origins test shows particular geographic regions where your autosomal markers occur most frequently, shedding light on the migration routes of your ancestors. From Latvia to Denmark, and all the way to the tiny fishing village in Ireland, the GPS Origins test showcases the likely pattern your ancestors took over time.

The GPS Origins test is conducted with a quick and simple mouth swab of the inner cheek. By analyzing over 800,000 genetic markers in your DNA, the test is able to pinpoint your family origins, matching the populations that joined to create your genetic line. The test then traces the migration routes of your DNA, for both maternal and paternal lineages, painting a picture of your ancestors’ footsteps.

Your results are revealed in a convenient digital report that is easy to understand and great to share with the whole family. If you, like many others, are at all curious about your ancestral history, the GPS Origins test will help uncover your past. You may already have some written record of distant ancestors who originated from Scotland or France, but most family history prior to the late 1800s was not recorded in written form. The GPS Origins test offers deeper insight, revealing information that connects you to generations past.

Learning your own family history is a crucial element in understanding exactly who you are. It helps you shape your future, establishes a greater sense of identity, and invokes an appreciation for your cultural heritage. Confirm something you’ve always wondered or discover something you never knew. Want to know if your great-grandmother was right about distant Native American ancestors? The GPS Origins test helps answer these questions and more!

Deeper connection and understanding of your family and all its history, visit an Any Lab Test Now location to receive a GPS Origins test. It makes a great conversation piece and an even better gift.





Use Your FSA On These 5 Tests

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged account, to be used for medical expenses only. An FSA is different from a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in that the money must be used within the calendar year. Unused funds left at the end of the year are returned to your employer, who can use it to offset the inevitable costs of administering benefits or may simply split it amongst the employees in the FSA plan.

This means that, if you have money left in your account, now is the time to put it to good use. Any Lab Test Now offers a variety of tests that can provide insightful information about your health and family history.

Allergy Tests

If you find yourself suffering from itchy eyes, blotchy skin or a stuffy nose, you may have allergies.  Some common allergens are pollen, grass, house dust and pet dander. At Any Lab Test Now, you can get tested and determine what is causing your allergies to act up. With test results in hand, you can get the proper medications and start making lifestyle changes to ease your symptoms.

Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Tests

If you experience a scratchy throat, hives or body swelling after eating, you may have a food sensitivity or intolerance and should be tested. Even if you did not have any food allergies as a child, it is possible to develop them later in life. Intolerance to things like lactose or gluten can have a negative impact on your digestion. By getting tested, you’ll learn how you need to adjust your diet to live more comfortably.

Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrition Lab Tests

Constantly tired, worn down or lethargic? You may suffer from a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Put your FSA to good use and learn more about your body. At Any Lab Test Now, you can talk with a qualified professional to determine which test is most appropriate for your diet and lifestyle. From a B-12 deficiency test to a potassium test to weight management take-home hormone kits, there are a variety from which to choose.

Cholesterol Tests

High cholesterol often runs in families. If you have a family history of less-than-stellar cholesterol counts, it is a good idea to get checked! Oftentimes, high cholesterol doesn’t come with any symptoms. In many cases, it goes completely undetected until an emergency event such as a heart attack or stroke. High cholesterol can lead to plaque building up in your arteries, which will eventually cause damage to your body. Lifestyle changes and proper medication can help reduce the risks, so get tested today!

DNA Tests

Love history? Curious where your family came from or which relatives share a common maternal or paternal ancestor? Ancestry and lineage testing can tell you which family member is on your mother or father’s side, where your family line originated, and how you came to be. It’s a fascinating process that analyzes your mitochondria or, in men, the Y-chromosome, depending on the specific test you choose.

Those are just a few of the tests offered at Any Lab Test Now. There are many more tests, such as blood tests, drug and alcohol tests and thyroid lab tests, that may be beneficial for you. Any Lab Test Now is committed to providing patients with a top-of-the-line experience, so stop in today to talk more about what test is right for you. Available tests may vary between locations, so find your nearest Any Lab Test Now location at AnyLabTestNow.com.


Wonder Where You Came From? Any Lab Test Now Can Help You Learn!

Knowing your family’s history is empowering and now Any Lab Test Now has an exciting test designed to give you an in-depth look into your family’s journey over time. The Geographic Population Structure (GPS) Origins™ Test is specifically designed to tell for your migration story. You’ll learn all about your ancestors and how you came to be. If you have a passion for history or just want to learn more about your origins, this is the test for you.

How does it work?

The GPS Origins Test determines your genetic origin by analyzing more than 800,000 autosomal markers found in your DNA. The test sorts through the autosomal markers and identifies when and where your DNA was formed through comparison of different populations’ genetic lines. After the comparison, the GPS Origins test traces the migration route of your specific DNA back to its birthplace and from there is able to date your genes. The GPS Origins Test does a thorough analysis of your DNA by taking history on both the maternal and paternal sides of your family into account. Your results will be presented in a detailed report that reveal your unique ancestral origins.

What makes the GPS Origins Test different from other DNA tests?

The GPS Origins test is unique in that it is often able to narrow your ancestors’ geographic location down to specific a specific town or village. Most DNA tests are only able to give you generalized results with very few specific details on your family’s history. The average genetic testing procedure offers sweeping results at the continental level, unable to provide even the country from which your ancestors originated.

What would I gain by taking the GPS Origins Test?

The GPS Origins test is so much more than just knowing where you started; it’s learning about your ancestors’ journeys over the past 1,000 years and how those relate to your personal history. It’s a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your genetic line that’s perfect for anyone interested in learning more about their genealogy.

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift for the history buff in your life, or you simply want to better understand your own roots, the GPS Origins Test can help. Unravel your history at Any Lab Test Now today!

Paternity Testing and You

Confusion over paternity can inspire huge interpersonal conflicts, and potentially be devastating for the people involved. Except in situations of surrogate motherhood, one can be relatively certain that a mother who gives birth to a child is that child’s actual genetic mother. But it can be a bit trickier for fathers, and this can lead to a lot of discord. Instead of allowing the issue to drag on, causing undue damage to family bonds, allow Any Lab Test Now to quickly resolve questions of paternity with our paternity testing.

Since society first acquired the technology to test for blood type in the early 1900s, it had many applications,  including paternity testing. This antiquated method could only exclude a potential father, and was unable to conclude that an individual was the father of a child. As technology became more advanced, additional characteristics of the blood began to be used to augment the effectiveness of a paternity test. But it was not until techniques for DNA sequencing and analysis were invented that people could determine paternity with 99.99% accuracy. Since then, the technology has only become more refined, and people are able to use it to determine familial relationships between generations from the smallest scraps of genetic material.

Today, most people use paternity tests when there is a question of parentage from one or both presumed parents. In court, paternity tests can be used to support claims of parental rights and requests for child support, as well as help to settle child custody cases. But many people are also using paternity tests to help them locate their birth parents after they’ve discovered that they were adopted earlier in life. Either way, a DNA sequencing and analysis test can give parents and children clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Whether you need a court-admissible document, need testing for immigration purposes or you are simply curious about your lineage, Any Lab Test Now offers quick, walk-in DNA and paternity testing. With Any Lab Test Now, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the right paternity test for your needs, and that your confidential results will be shared with you in a timely manner. Don’t let questions of genetic relationships remain unanswered. Visit your local Any Lab Test Now to find out the truth!

National Immunization Awareness Month: What that Means for Your College Student

Now that August has arrived, that can only mean one thing — it’s time for your student to start heading back to school! But did you know that August is also National Immunization Awareness Month? Getting immunized against infectious diseases is important for your health, as well as the health of those around you. And with the start of the new school year just around the corner, you may need to make sure your student is up to date on all their vaccinations.

Most colleges, universities and technical programs require students to provide proof of their necessary immunizations. Our titers tests for measles, mumps, rubella and varicella are an easy alternative to tracking down your old pediatrician from 10+ years ago or finding those old medical records you promised yourself you’d get around to organizing. Instead of spending hours searching for lost records, a titers test can quickly and easily check if you are immune to certain diseases. In just one visit, we can have you tested and your results ready to send to your student’s school within 48 -72 hours of testing.

Some health care study programs may require additional tests including proof of immunization for Hepatitis B and C, a yearly flu shot or even drug testing. The good news is, we can provide these, too! Instead of going to your doctor and racking up lots of fees and sitting through several separate doctor visits, why not make it easy on yourself and get everything done at once — cheaply, efficiently and hassle-free!

We know starting the new school year can be hectic. That’s why we at Any Lab Test Now want to relieve some of your stress by offering easy and affordable solutions to all of your most pressing back-to-school health care needs. We can provide proof of immunizations, flu shots and even help you fulfill those extensive requirements for health care study programs. And there’s no additional cost for a physician’s visit — we provide the doctor’s order. So don’t run all over town. We’re your one-source solution at Any Lab Test Now.

Planning to Claim Your Child on Your Tax Return?

With tax season upon us, many fathers are beginning to file their tax returns and claim their child during the process. However, dads, did you know that if your name is not listed on your child’s birth certificate, you cannot legally claim your child as an exemption?

Finding out this information may be surprising, but by purchasing a Legally Admissible Paternity Test, you can use your test results with proper chain-of-custody as evidence to add your name to your child’s birth certificate. Then, you’ll be able to clear-up any confusion and file your taxes without any doubt of validity.

Any Lab Test Now® offers a Legally Admissible Paternity Test at an affordable cost with guaranteed quick results. Along with being able to add your name to your child’s birth certificate, your results will be able to serve as evidence in circumstances where you or the child’s mother wish to:

  • Seek social security or military benefits

  • Seek child custody

  • Adopt a child

  • Be in a position to inherit

To begin this process, contact your local Any Lab Test Now today. We’ll help you find the answers you need now.

Celebrate Your Siblings

Happy National Siblings Day! Siblings Day Foundation founder Claudia Evart was inspired to create a recognized day to celebrate and honor siblings after losing her own siblings early on in life. She chose April 10 specifically, as it is the birthday of her late sister.

Evart’s goal is to create a nationally known holiday, similar to Mother’s and Father’s day. Do something nice for your sibling today to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Because today is National Siblings Day, we’d like to remind you of our Siblingship DNA Test. If you want to know if siblings share one or both biological parents in common, a Siblingship DNA Test can determine the statistical probability of whether they are half or full siblings, or unrelated.