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altn-diabetes_novIf you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already wondered if you are at risk for diabetes. The fact is, with around 1.4 million Americans being diagnosed with diabetes every year, odds are you could be one of them. And when you take into account that more than 8 million Americans are living with undiagnosed diabetes, and another 86 million are living with prediabetes, the numbers start to become especially alarming.

Diabetes and prediabetes can be manageable — so long as you are aware of your condition. But with so many people unknowingly living with diabetes every day, there are many whose health will only worsen over time. That’s because, if left unchecked, diabetes can greatly increase your risk of:

Heart disease
– Stroke
– Kidney damage
– Nerve Damage
– Poor blood flow, leading to amputation of the toes and feet
– Blindness
– Alzheimer’s disease

… And the list goes on. The truth is, you are much better off knowing your risk for diabetes than remaining blissfully unaware — the knowledge could save your life! While no one can know for sure without getting tested, there are certain factors that could indicate a higher risk of having diabetes. Those especially at risk are:

– People who are overweight or obese.
– Adults 45 years of age or older.
– People who have an immediate family member with diabetes.
– People who are physically active less than three times per week.

If you identify with one or more of the risk factors listed above, it’s time to consider getting tested for diabetes. If you are concerned about your risk of diabetes, there are many tests at Any Lab Test Now that can help you find the answers you need. Many of the diabetes tests at Any Lab Test Now are perfect both for diabetics looking to maintain their health or those interested in finding out if they have diabetes.

Any Lab Test Now’s Diabetes Maintenance Panel includes:

– A Complete Blood Count Test to detect blood disorders such as infection or anemia
– A Fasting Glucose Test to detect hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia
– A Hemoglobin A1c Test to detect prediabetes or diabetes, or see if your diabetes is under control
– A Diabetic Urinalysis to determine if your kidneys aren’t working properly

These four tests can give you and your doctor the information you need to assess your risk for and manage your diabetes.

Another helpful test for those wondering if they are diabetic, or those who have diabetes and want to keep an eye on their health, is Any Lab Test Now’s Insulin Lab Test. This test measures insulin production in your body — low levels of which can indicate that you have diabetes. This test is often used with the Glucose Tolerance Test to evaluate insulin resistance, another indicator of diabetes.

Make it your goal to take charge of your health and monitor your risk for diabetes. Talk to the experts at Any Lab Test Now to find the right diabetes testing options for your needs.