When a lot of people think about getting lab testing, probably the first thing that comes to mind is health. Lab tests are for finding out if something is wrong, right? The answer to that question is a little more complex. Lab tests are for finding out information — and believe it or not, the results can be helpful AND fun.

Here at Any Lab Test Now® we’re thinking specifically about our GPS Origins Test. GPS stands for Geographic Population Structure. Basically, the test can tell you where your ancestors are from. This simple test analyzes over 800,000 autosomal markers from your DNA to pinpoint your origins. It can help identify “when” and “where” your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line that eventually leads to you.

If this sounds like information worth knowing, then consider this: The GPS Origins Test is a great gift worth giving this holiday season. It can help you mark a few folks off your list.

The History Buff

There is a person in almost every family that is the “holder of the history” — the person that knows all the stories about Great-Great-Grandpa Eric. They may already have completed some work on the family tree. Imagine what having this type of information could mean to them. A simple cheek swab turns into a detailed report about where your family originated and how it migrated around the world to where you are today. This test is so advanced it may even indicate the town or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met. Your family historian will spend hours poring over the detailed results.

The Hard to Shop for Person

Isn’t there always someone on your Christmas gift list that seems impossible to buy for? It’s because they’ve already bought everything they could possibly want or need for themselves! The key here is to think about something they didn’t even realize they needed! That’s the beauty of the GPS Origins Test. One gift can help you answer questions about your family’s history, shed light on the origins of certain family traits, and help you better understand exactly who you are.

The Person You Always Forget — YOURSELF

Why not buy one for yourself? Learn more about your family story. Maybe you’ve always been told your people were Irish, but you have no proof. Now you can separate fact from fiction and bridge gaps in your family’s records. Getting your results will be like curling up with a good book… only the story is about YOU.

It might seem strange to start your holiday shopping at Any Lab Test Now, but we offer dozens of tests that offer useful information that will be helpful for a happier and healthier New Year. Browse through our list — or come into one of our convenient locations and let the experts help you pick something out.