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Hair 5-Panel Heavy Metals

Exposure to metals can have very serious consequences for your body, especially children.  The problem is you may not even know you’ve been exposed.

If you and your family live in an old home (with old paint) or in a location with a lot of industry and manufacturing, you should strongly consider this panel.  Employers also monitor their employees for specific heavy metals exposure, depending on the industry.

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This panel tests for the following heavy metals:

  1. Lead is dangerous and can be found in batteries, old houses (paint), cigarettes (and second-hand smoke), and
    other places. Chronic exposure can cause cerebral edema, coma, and convulsions.
  2. Mercury is a shiny, silver-gray metal that is a liquid at room temperature. It can be found in
    thermometers, barometers, batteries, fluorescent lights, and electrical switches. It may be in household paints
    in older houses. If inhaled, it can lead to severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and several other
  3. Arsenic is a natural element found in soil and minerals. Its compounds are usually used to preserve wood.
    You can become exposed to Arsenic in small amounts through air, water, food, and working in areas where
    arsenic is made or used. Chronic exposure to arsenic can cause many health problems including death.
  4. Cadmium is a soft, bluish-white metal and is similar to mercury and zinc. Short term inhalation exposure to
    cadmium affects the lungs. Chronic oral or inhalation exposure to cadmium leads to a buildup of cadmium in
    the kidneys and can cause kidney disease.
  5. Chromium is a steely-gray, lustrous brittle metal. Chromium, although required in small amounts to help
    regulate sugar and lipid metabolism, it can be toxic in greater amounts and can be recognized as a human

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