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Losing weight and quitting smoking are Americans’ top New Year’s Resolutions. Both are good for your health and can improve your looks, and setting positive goals to launch a new year is commendable, but how many of us make these resolutions only to drop them after January 4th? Thinking carefully about what you hope to achieve with your resolution is important for a solid start. Your body is unique, your goals are unique, and each individual has a very specific set of circumstances. For example, someone who has diabetes and is trying to lose weight will need to approach their goal more carefully than someone who doesn’t have diabetes. Someone who has been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 50 years may need a stronger support system for their effort to quit than someone who has only smoked a couple of cigarettes a day for a year or two. Putting some serious thought and planning into how to achieve your health goals is much more effective than telling yourself at midnight on December 31st that this is your last of anything!

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