The key to deterring drug use and catching users is a random testing program that uses different specimens. This creates a detection window that will not be known by the donor.  What are the differences between oral fluid, urine, hair and nails?

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  • Take Control of Your Health – Employers Helping Employees Make Good on New Year’s Resolutions


    National Healthcare Reform Magazine, February 2012


    How did the practice of making New Year’s Resolutions start?  It seems to have begun in pre-Christian times with moral changes such as being good to others.  January is named after the Roman God, Janus, who has two faces— one that looked to the past and one that looked to the future.  January 1stthen, seems the perfect time to look at our past behavior and decide what needs changing.  In modern times, the focus for New Year’s resolutions has shifted to improving our health, appearance or both. The shift usually occurs by stopping bad habits and replacing them with good ones.


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  • Diabetes Management: Corporate Programs Can Make a Difference


    Corporate Wellness Magazine, July 2011



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  • Baseline Testing in Corporate Wellness Programs Offers Better Results


    Corporate Wellness Magazine, February 2012


    Many corporate wellness programs include incentives for exercise, nutrition and weight loss goals that promote a proactive attitude toward health.  Studies have shown that wellness programs do provide a financial reward for the companies that implement them.  The Meta-Evaluation of Worksite Health Promotion Economic Return Studies published in the Art of Health Promotion Newsletter compiled results from a variety of studies and stated that Health Promotion Programs are associated with a lower rate of absenteeism and lower health care costs.  The cost benefit ratio averaged 5.93%1.  But organizations that actively promote these objectives while recognizing a reduction in both their healthcare costs and a reduction in lost productivity may not be going far enough.

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